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Your Local Library: A Valuable Resource!

Written by Monica



Libraries across the country are currently in a state of transition. With the advent of eReaders and other technology, libraries are having to adapt and change to best serve the interests of their patrons.

But one thing has not changed and that is that libraries serve as learning centers for people of any age. Parents of young children, especially, can find libraries to be a valuable resource. Most libraries across the country offer story times or other programs that engage your child and promote learning.

There is also a growing number of libraries that are now offering bilingual story times. And if yours isn’t, they would probably be open to it if there is enough interest from bilingual families. You might even volunteer your services as a bilingual reader. Don’t forget to invite all of your friends, though, especially those who do not already know the value of investing and regularly visiting your local library.

Here in my hometown, we have a fantastic librarian who is continually creating learning opportunities for young students. We owe so much to her, as well as the wonderful staff and volunteers. Over the last few years we have enjoyed summer and fall reading programs, Science Fair projects, story time, Dr. Seuss’s birthday parties, Easter egg hunts, and presentations on Martin Luther King Jr. and the War of 1812…just to name a few!

Also as a homeschooling parent, I find my library an invaluable resource for reading and teaching materials. Again, it really pays to have a good relationship with your librarian. Since there are so many of us homeschooling in this area, she requested that we meet with her and give her a list of books we’d like to have in the library. She couldn’t guarantee that all of them would be purchased, but she does her best to get in the ones we really want.

We also use the library’s conference room to hold our monthly 4-H meetings. It is the perfect location in town, and we are able to perform science experiments (within reason), have reading parties, listen to presentations, and so much more.

So if you have not been to your local library yet, take the time to visit with your kids. One of the most valuable gifts you can give your child is a library card. It opens doors to new worlds, new ideas, and new possiblities.

Happy reading!


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Monica es la fundadora y publisher de MommyMaestra.com, un sitio para familias latinas que hacen educación en casa y también familias con niños en escuelas tradicionales que quieren un rol activo en la educación de sus hijos. Ganadora del premio "Mejor Bloguera Latina de Educación 2011" de LATISM.

  • Marcus

    eReader’s are slowly overtaking the world but I think it would be a long stretch to say that libraries could ever be replaced. You can’t replace the knowledge of a Librarian who’s been working there for 30 years, and not only that but Libraries are also a place people can go to have some quiet time, for students to study.. you can’t get that from an eReader!

  • Johny

    I’ve seen that libraries play a very important role today. The other day I went to the library, since I needed to use the Internet and library employees were reading stories to children of a kindergarten who were visiting. More efforts are being made for supporting reading to children, so now the televison is taking timportant time for other activities

  • jenna tomaszewski

    I absolutely love my library! I read still like its going out of style. I get 14 plus books per trip and get plenty of crazy looks. I couldn’t be more happy. I remember growing up in the library and constantly looking forward to the reading centers where there are constantly new programs being put out. My towns library is actually doing a great job keeping up with the times. They have a huge selection of books on tape for those long car rides, even a current dvd section. They offering classes for the internet and making the most out of a best situation.