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What are the Common Core State Standards?

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Written by Jesse

In 2010, a new set of educational standards was released for Math and English Language Arts.  Schools, of course, had their own standards in place already, but the aim of these new standards is to provide a common and consistent set of standards that can be followed by all.

The standards give parents and teachers the specifics regarding what students should know depending on their grade level. So far, all but five US States have accepted the Common Core State Standards (those five are Virginia, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas and Alaska). The District of Colombia and U.S. Virgin Islands have accepted the standards as well. Some states are further along in the transition than others, but this common thread is driving instruction nonetheless in all of the states that are on board.

If you would like to know where is your state in the adoption stage of  the standards, find it on this list:



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Jesse has taught in various elementary and high school settings. He writes for Plaza Famila and also designs educational online resources. Jesse is a musician and is passionate about providing instruction in a way that sparks student interest.

  • Maria492

    Educational standards on a national level are very important right now. If we can’t come to an agreement on the advancement of our children on a national level, our standards may drift further apart.

  • Sylvia

    I felt that our standards were set higher than most. This new law seems to bring them closer together. I’m not so sure how I feel about this.

  • Ronny

    Fortunately, Nevada’s been using these standards for the last 2+ years. Thanks for providing the links to each state!

  • Leah

    This was a great idea setting a nationwide standard. It really can help bring states that are suffering in education to a more equal level with the rest.

  • Michelle

    Do you think the national standards are fair for those states that have been lagging in their standards? How do we make sure those states are up to par? Thanks for the links!