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The Connection Between Student Attendance and Middle School Achievement

Written by Maria


    Most parents are aware of the importance of making sure that their children attend school daily and are punctual to all of their classes.  Unfortunately, however, sometimes events occur at home that cause children to engage in excessive absenteeism or tardiness.  There is a direct correlation between a student’s academic progress and their attendance record.  Studies have shown that students who miss class often have poorer academic outcomes than their counterparts.

    There are many reasons why attendance plays such a big part in a student’s progress academically.  Primarily, they miss valuable instructional time when they are not present or punctual regularly.  In most cases, classwork accounts for a large percentage of their overall report card grade.  When students are not present for lessons, they fail to complete mandatory assignments which has a detrimental impact on their final grades in the class.

    These issues also arise in the home when it comes time to complete daily homework assignments.  Homework is, in essence, a continuation of the skills that were taught in class that day.  The purpose of it is to allow students to implement the strategies that they learned in class independently.  Additionally, it allows parents to be proactive in becoming involved in their child’s schoolwork.  When students fail to report to class, they do not have the opportunity to observe the teacher modeling these concepts hence, they are lost when it comes time to try the concepts on their own.

    Recently, I have observed that students who arrive late to class regularly also have a stigma attached to them by their peers of being irresponsible and disorganized.  After all, it is logical that students who attend school all the time and are always punctual be apprehensive about doing group work with other students whom they can’t rely upon.  In order for collaborative learning to be effective, all members of the group should contribute to the activity.  Students who are arriving to class late or not showing up at all cause their group members to carry their body of work within the group.

    There are ways that parents can ensure that their children attend regularly and on time.  Maintaining a bedtime routine helps in guaranteeing that children get a sufficient amount of sleep so they can get up on time for school.  Sometimes allowing kids to stay up late playing video games or on the internet causes them to lack the motivation to rise early and attend school.

    Having a complete breakfast goes a long way in helping children to muster the energy to head off to class.  Lastly, parents can escort their children to school in the morning until they are responsible enough to get to school on time every single day.  A little nudging in the right direction can go a long way in improving a child’s academic outcomes and good attendance is key to their long-term academic success.

    Let’s discuss! What are some of the obstacles that you think stand in the way of students with regards to maintaining good attendance and being punctual to class?

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