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Written by Monica

If you’ve been working with your preschooler at home, or if your child is currently enrolled in a Spanish preschool, then chances are he or she has learned the alphabet and is ready to start reading. This summer is the perfect time to teach your child to read. And if they are enrolled in a public or private school, won’t their kindergarten teacher be surprised come fall!

If you had a chance to read the March issue of our Plaza Familia magazine, you may have read my article on how reading to your child in any language is very important. Well, research has shown that children who learn to read first in their native language actually have a much easier time learning how to read in a second language because they learn how to transfer basic skills (such as decoding) to learning the new language.

So I just wanted to share some excellent resources on teaching your child to read in Spanish.

The number one curriculum that I recommend is Hagamos Caminos. This is a literature-based program that comes with eight books. Click on the link to read an excellent review.

As you work through the program, you might like to supplement it with some early readers, such as the Primeros Lectores series by Bambú. This full-colored series is published in Spain and has age-appropriate text. These are original stories by Spanish-speaking authors, not translations.

Early readers in Spanish are easy to find. But well-written ones aren’t. Some translations are good, but many would have been better off having never been translated. When looking for Spanish books for your children, look first at the publisher, then at the author. Take a moment to research them online and see what other works they’ve created.

Bambú also publishes a series for older children called Jovenes lectores. This series has black-and-white illustrations to accompany the age-appropriate text.

For chapter books, take a look at the Castillo de la Lectura series. Written by native Spanish speakers, this series is available in color-coded levels according to your child’s reading level.

Also, consider the Torre de Papel series. Another great collection, again, written by Spanish-speaking authors and also available according to reading level.

And if you are looking for an interactive online site, check out ClicClicClic. It’s fabulous!

Happy reading!



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  • Marcela Stevens

    My son is learning spanish in school and I have been looking for a good recommendation and I think Bambu is great option to find good readings, thanks for the recommendation!

    • Monica

      You’re welcome! Best of luck to your son!