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Written by Monica

Last week I talked about the importance of a preschool education. We’ve established that the skills and knowledge that are acquired or developed are very important to future academic success. But, what if you don’t have access to a good preschool, can’t afford it financially or simply don’t want to send your child to one? Fortunately, more and more valuable resources are becoming available to help parents prepare their children at home for kindergarten and beyond.

First, be sure to look through our preschool and homeschool sections here on Plaza Familia, where you’ll find lots of ideas to help you teach your preschooler basic skills like number and letter recognition, colors, shapes and more.

For their social-emotional development, PBS Kids will soon be launching a new series based on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. The new series is called Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and features many of the characters from Fred Rogers’ show. It is the first series designed specifically for preschoolers and will focus on providing the tools for children to manage their emotions and express them in a positive and productive manner. Their interactive website is has already launched, so be sure to check it out. The first show airs on Monday, Sept 3rd.

Another fantastic resource that is launching this fall is ReadyRosie, a new bilingual online school readiness program. Through daily emails, parents can learn activities to do with their children up to 4 years of age to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. ReadyRosie is working with school districts to make the program available for free to parents. And the best part of this program is that the information is available on short two-minute videos that can be viewed in English OR Spanish! You can read more about the program here, or just visit their website and watch the introductory video.

Parents can also explore full-immersion Spanish apps for their preschoolers, like Kandoobi Animales, which focuses on expanding vocabulary, spelling, and developing fine motor skills by introducing children to over 100 domestic and wild animals through four different games.

So if a traditional preschool is not in your child’s future, rest easy knowing that there are resources available to help you prepare your son or daughter at home.

Happy teaching!



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  • Marcusb

    A child that doesn’t go to pre-school won’t necessarily be at an educational disadvantage, providing you as a parent teach your child anything that would be taught at a pre-school but I can see that they would be at a social disadvantage, not being to interact with kids their age.. It would be a good idea to expose them to other kids their age, whether it be family friends or anyone!

    • Jackson2

      I completely agree with you, I have a girl, she is 1 year 6 months old, every time she sees a kid her age or around her age she wants to play with them and she starts interacting with them, my wife and I were planning to teach her at home and skip pre-school but when we see her interact with other children we just think that its better for her to go to pre-school, we will still teach her at home before we send her but i think its important.

  • Jeremy

    Preschool is important and will give your child a head start. It is good that there are resources that can help prepare your child for school when preschool is not an option. I believe that giving your child every little bit of extra preparation for school is a great idea!

  • kristie

    I know I am scared to send my first daughter to preschool but i know that it will help prepare her for kindergarten. I want her to get the best education that her can so when she has a family of her own she will be able to support them.

  • LuAnn Braley

    I am SO GLAD I came to the blog today! I am thrilled to see the bilingual and full immersion school readiness programs. My boys have not shown much interest in learning a 2nd language as of yet, but my daughter is really, really interested in learning Spanish. Thank you so much for the links!