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Plaza Familia Online Book Club | September Books {week 1}

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Written by Maybelline


Welcome to another edition of the Plaza Familia Online Book Club! Where during the month of September, us adults will be reading The Truce by the Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti, while children will be discovering emotions thanks to The Way I Feel  by Janan Cain.

In The Truce, we get to meet Martin Santomé, a widower with three children, who on the eve of his retirement begins to record in a diary his gray and uninteresting life. The office like routine and a disjointed and edgy home will be altered some day, when bursts into his dull existence the young Laura Avellaneda, new employee under his command.

Reading a bit about The Truce, it caught my attention that the book led to a film back in the seventies, which became the first Argentinean film to be nominated for the Academy Awards. Benedetti not only made a significant contribution to Latin American literature, but also put his two cents into the movie industry.

Benedetti presents this novel in diary form, which makes it really intriguing and extremely appealing, especially because he narrates events that happened over a period of a year but also mentions situations that occurred in the past which have shaped  his present.

Turning to the children’s book we find the illustrator Janan Cain, a mother whose design career was halted due to the birth of her daughters. I use the words thank you, because there would be a hole in children’s literature if she had not conceived The Way I Feel. It’s a book that helps us introduce to our children the feelings and emotions we experience as human beings and teaches them how to call them by name so they can verbally express themselves.
You are cordially invited to next week to participate in the Plaza Family Online Book Club, so don’t  forget to visit the rules and become familiar with them.

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