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Plaza Familia Online Book Club | October Books {week 3}

Written by Maybelline


Welcome to another edition of the Plaza Familia Online Book Club! During the month of October, you’ve been reading “The Young Goat’s Party” by Mario Vargas Llosa, while the children of the house have had the opportunity to enjoy and know more about ‘The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Andersen.

Reading “The Goat’s Party” has become a true challenge, since part of me wants to know more about the tyrant that made such a lasting impression on the Dominican people, but on the other hand I feel that such a monstrous character should not have a place in literature, at least not in such a way.

It definitely shows the political and authoritative aspect of how people felt in the Dominican Republic back in 1961, and all I can do is ask myself: Hasn’t Latin-America learned? Despite being in the 21st Century, not much research is needed to realize the situation in which some of our countries are living.

Leaving the Goat’s Party aside, to avoid pointing fingers, I should move on to talking about “The Ugly Duckling”, a story that tells how an “alleged duckling” was discriminated and even rejected for being ugly and not looking like his duckling brothers only to later realize that his appearance was really due to the fact that he was a beautiful and elegant swan.

I love the story of “The Ugly Duckling” because I believe it is ageless and it helps us to teach our children that we all have a purpose in life, and that even when our physical appearance may be different, what really matters is what we have inside. Also, regardless of where we come from, what really counts is where we’re going and the road we travel to reach our destination.

Don’t forget to visit the Plaza Familia Online Book Club next week, when I’ll be sharing my final thoughts on these two books we’ve been reading during October. Of course, I’ll also be letting you know the two titles that will be taking up our spare time on Thanksgiving Month.

Read you later!


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