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Plaza Familia Online Book Club | July Books {week 4}

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Welcome to the last week of the Plaza Familia Online Book Club! During the month of July we were reading ‘Paula’ by the famous Chilean writer Isabel Allende, while the little ones of the house were living the passion of soccer thanks to Monica Brown and her bilingual book ‘Pele: The King of Soccer’.
To say that ‘Paula’ is a great book is not enough, I think it has so many wonderful elements that make it a complete work that mesmerizes and captures. The book is divided into two parts: Allende’s writing when her daughter fell into a coma and laid in a hospital bed in Madrid and then when Paula is moved to California (to Allende’s house).
One of the parts that struck me the most was when Allende realizes he she lost her daughter, her smile, her vitality and intelligence and the only thing left is her body. That’s when the family decided together not to take her to the hospital again to no longer extend her agony and suffering.
The last lines of the book took me quite some time to read because the tears would not let me continue. It’s an intense story and full of love, lots of imagination and a bit of superstition.
It is a book I really recommend to all who want to read a story written from the heart of a mother who lost all faith in modern medicine and to whom diagnoses full of medical terminology from doctors and nurses failed to give her daughter back.
Turning to the children’s book, we find another intense and passionate work, especially for soccer fans, because it tells the story of a poor boy from Brazil who loved to play soccer and who became a living legend when his style and goals lead his team to win the World Cup for Brazil, as he promised one day to his father.
‘Pele: The King of Football’ is full of emotion and the love for soccer which is seen in so many Latin American countries.
Next week we have another appointment to discuss the books selected for the month of August; in the meantime I just want to remind you that you can click here and familiarize yourself with the rules to join the Club.

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  • Marcus

    Ouch.. nobody wants to lose a family member and especially in those circumstances. But sometimes, whether it be because of the persons wishes or whatever other reason, a persons time has come and they can escape from all the pain and suffering..

    At least the second book was better and more uplifting, there’s nothing better than reading a story about someone who’s overcome the odds to make you feel better about yourself :)

  • Johny

    That intersante, I would like you to talk more about the book “Pele: The King of Football”, he has been an example for many, an idol and examples, example to follow for anyone who loves the beautiful game