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Plaza Familia Online Book Club | July Books {week 3}

Daehyun Park
Written by Maybelline


Welcome to the third week of the Plaza Familia Online Book Club , where during the month of July us the adults are enjoying “Paula” by Isabel Allende, while the little kids learn about an icon of Soccer and Brazilian pride through Monica Brown and her book, ‘Pele: the King of Soccer’. If you are not familiar with the dynamics of the club, I invite you to visit the rules page to become familiar with them so you can join us next week.

When I read “Paula” I get on a roller coaster of emotions, I have cried when feeling Allende’s despair of seeing her daughter in a deep sleep and cannot do anything about it. ‘Paula is a book written from the heart.

The relationship between mother and daughter can be sensed in every word, they are friends and confidants; they look for each other for advice and even to joke, but neither is perfect. Something that struck me was the passion with which Allende discusses the intimate relationship that has had throughout her life, perhaps because it is not common in our countries, however shows that their relationship is open and without taboos.

As for the children’s book I can tell you I love how Monica Brown has managed to express in a way so simple and colorful Pele’s story, because not only enhances the Latino culture, but it shows the kids that no matter where we come from , we can all leave an indelible mark on this world with effort and dedication.

The next week I hope you stop by so we can talk about the final thought from both books and reveal the following pieces we will be reading during the month of August.

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  • Jessica

    Paula is such an incredible book. I find the relationship between the mother and daughter to be so beautiful. We should all be this close to our children.

  • Savana VZ

    ‘Paula’ seems like an amazing book, the reviews alone have left me teary eyed and I feel that it’s a book that could be appreciated by any and all mothers around the world. One could never understand the pain and despair of a mother put in such a horrible situation. I applaud Allende’s courage to write this book and sharing it with the rest of the world.