Welcome to the second week of the Plaza Familia Online Book Club!, If this is your first time visiting I suggest you click here and read what the Club is all about so you can participate during the month of July and join us in the reading of “Paula” by Isabel Allende and the children’s book “Pele: The King of Football” by Monica Brown.

To read Isabel Allende is a literary delicatessen, her words are so detailed, so real that transmit feelings and emotions, her words make me travel and even perceive odors. ‘Paula’ is a moving piece, totally personal and intimate, where in an attempt to preserve the sanity and memories of the past, Allende writes letters to her daughter in a coma, so when she wakes up she cannot forget who she is and where she came from.

It is an easy book to read; perhaps because it is composed of small letters that actually are interwoven but also mixed between episodes lived in the hospital and yet are independent events that make reading very enjoyable and interesting.

Reflections and self discover come to my mind when turning the pages of the book, because I feel that while the words and stories came to Isabel while writing these letters to her daughter, she was discovering, healing and even understanding her own life.

Allende is known for the magical realism present in her books, but Paula is the exception, however, she makes these magical and mysterious episodes that we are used to when she remembers his childhood. Always making her mark and putting her personal touch even in intimate letters.

Turning to the children’s book “Pele: The King of Soccer ‘ I should say it’s the perfect book if you have a boy at home, perhaps because the theme of sport and balls, but has been a success at home. The illustration is spectacular and extremely well made, but maybe one of the things I like the most is that the book is 100% bilingual.

Hope you’re enjoying the books of the month of July, read you later!.

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