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Plaza Familia Online Book Club | July books {week 1}

Written by Maybelline


Welcome to the first week of Plaza Familia Online Book Club during the month of July, I hope you spent your 4th of July with family and fully enjoyed the fireworks, I also hope you came loaded with energy and ready to enjoy Paula by Isabel Allende and Pelé: The King of Soccer, written by Monica Brown.
Isabel Allende is a great writer, her books are really a literary feast, but I think the fact that Paula began as a letter to his daughter while she was in a coma immediately makes an attractive book to read.
As a mother I can understand the pain and suffering that Allende was going through and I think have turned to writing definitely helped her get through those intense moments spent by the bedside of her daughter and of course, accept the fact of her death later on.
The first part of the book tells the history and family tree, framed a little on the political aspect that characterizes the life of Allende, but it is a story from the heart. Allende so far has not disappointed me and I think she won’t.
Turning to the children’s book, I must say I am super excited to have discovered Monica Brown, first and foremost because they are wonderfully written, are exciting to read and really uplift the Latino culture and teach our children (and reminds us, the grownups) that with hard work and consistency we can go far.
Pele: The King of Soccer tells the story of the Brazilian Pele, who as a child played  soccer with a ball of paper and an empty stomach, became a living legend by being the first player to score 1,000 goals.
Just by telling you the summary of the book gives me goose bumps and I am delighted that Brown has brilliantly captured the story of real life in a children’s book.
Next week will continue to share our views about the two books chosen for the month of July.

Read you later!



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  • Juana L.

    ‘Paula’ seems like a wonderful book for any and all mothers to read and after I read it, I have a feeling that I’ll be recommending it to many others. But the book that I’m even more interested is ‘Pelé: The King of Soccer’, my boys are growing up in a primarily white neighborhood and there’s nothing wrong with that, but they’re surely not learning more about the Latino values and culture. I’m going to give it a read first myself and have my children read them if I like it.

    • Naturalmente Mamá

       I’m sure they’re going to love it!, Monica actually has other books that you might want to take a look at since they are mainly focus on Latino Character like Celina Cruz and Gabriel García Marquez

  • Vicente

    I was looking for a book for my boy but I think I’m going to read Pele The King of Soccer before I give it to him lol~ I’ve always been fascinated with Pele and I love learning anything and everything about him. His story and his legend will be an excellent read for my boy and I’m sure I’ll enjoy a whole lot as well.

    • Naturalmente Mamá

      My husband is Argentinean and he took me one time to experience a soccer game while visiting family in Argentina and Wow!, it’s incredible the passion they feel and how much into it they are and I think Monica was able to show that passion in her book.. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as your little one