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Plaza Familia Online Book Club | August {Week 5}

Alexandra Rae
Written by Maybelline


Welcome to the last week of the Plaza Familia Online Book Club for August! Today culminates the reading of two wonderful books, but that doesn’t mean that, if this is your first time passing by, you should feel discouraged. You can always join us during the month of September as we start with 2 news books.

Even though August is a pretty busy month as far as school preparations are concerned, we had the opportunity to enter the life of one of the most recognized writers in Latin America and the first Colombian to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature; Gabriel García Márquez.

‘Live to Tell the Tale” is a pretty extensive book which is sometimes hard to follow, maybe not as much for people who know Spanish, but it is for those who cannot speak the language and are reading the book in its English translated version due to the number of names of people, places, and even literary references that appear and are linked directly with the Spanish language, however the attached map is of much help to geographically locate the reader.

As expected, Gabriel García Márquez lived through many things throughout his life, however he always made the most out of each and every one of these experiences, leading him to become the great writer the world knows.

Something I learned from “Living to Tell the Tale” is how important it is for a writer to read the works of different authors and share opinions with other people in order to develop one’s own defined style.

As for the children’s book, we had the opportunity reading ” “Estrellita Says Goodbye to his Island” and meeting its author, Puertorrican Samuel Caraballo.

Reading this book brought me many memories of my country and of the pride I feel as an immigrant when listening to the national anthem of the land that saw my birth and growth. I consider the book may be of much help for youngsters who are going through a similar family situation, having to move to another country or even a different state, since it may help them deal with the transition and reaffirm the importance of how, regardless of the distance, the love for the flavors, colors, and rythms of one’s own country are always with you.

Next week we welcome the new month, which means we’ll be enjoying a couple of new books. So remember to check back in in the next few days to start September off with some interesting, fun-filled reading!

Read you later!


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