Welcome to another edition of the Online Plaza Familia Reading Club, where during the month of August we are reading Latin American literature. We have an autobiography titled ‘Live to Tell the Tale’ by Gabriel García Márquez. Children are reading ‘Estrellita Says Goodbye to his Island’ by Samuel Caraballo.

“Life is not what one lives, but what one remembers” is one of the stand out phrases in ‘Live to Tell the Tale.’  This also echoes in my head, because I agree that memory does not stay 100% true to the facts and sometimes even changes or erases, which is why I feel that the author needed to let us know that this autobiography is not a fervent description of his life, but a collection of anecdotes and memories.

García Márquez and his works have inspired many and today are acclaimed worldwide, yet we forget that he began his journey in the world of artistic creation and journalism many years ago. It was a young Bohemian whose youth was spent in brothels, dances or sleazy fleabag hotels and thanks to all those experiences became worthy of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

“Live to Tell the Tale” shows the tireless and intricate process of drafting and revising a book. We can see that García ‘s life has always revolved around creation and editing.

Turning to the children’s book, we find Samuel Caraballo, a Puerto Rican who embodies love for her land and customs. A theme of the book is cultivating the culture and traditions found in the blood of all those from the homeland. “Estrellita Says Goodbye to his Island” is a 100% bilingual book. It tells the story of a little girl who must leave their homeland and describe all the things she will never forget in order to help her move on.

Do not forget that we have an appointment next week to finish reading the books in August and to welcome September.


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