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Plaza Familia Online Book Club | August Books {week 3}

Written by Maybelline


Welcome to the third week of the Plaza Familia Online Reading Club! During the month of August we have been reading ‘‘Living to Tell the Tale’ written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and ‘Estrellita Says Good-bye to her Island’ written by Samuel Caraballo.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez has left an imprint impossible to erase in Latin American literature. Although I prefer to read books in Spanish, I must say that the translation of “Live to Tell ‘is pretty good and reflects the richness of his words.

A constant in ‘Living to Tell the Tale’ is the desire of Gabriel García Márquez to become a writer, and the relationship with his grandparents and parents influenced the realization of that dream.

Gabriel García Márquez framed ‘Living to Tell the Tale’ on a trip made with his mother to accompany her to sell the family home. During this trip, he experienced childhood memories aroused by re-treading the same ground.

The political aspect is present in this autobiography, but the truth is impossible to exclude. Colombia, like many other Latin American countries, has been characterized by the endless struggle between liberals and conservatives.

Turning to the children’s book this month, ‘‘Estrellita Says Good-bye to her Island’’ is a book about the sweet beauty of an island in which Estrellita was born and raised in. It’s a colorful book full of love, nostalgia and heart, where even the coqui makes an appearance.

I hope to join us next week to further discuss the books chosen for the month of August!


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  • Victoria

    Gabriel Garcia is my favourite writer of all times! It is refreshing to read a book about the author himself and how he lived during this period of his life. I am now almost at the end and I gotta say that as soon as I finish it i will start all over again. I was born in Peru so I can relate to the political situation of his native land. But even if you are not from latin america you can really identify yourself with the situations and the way he writes.

  • Marcusb

    Both sound like great reads! I like the sound of the children’s book, those warm stories always get to me!

  • Jeremy

    Both are great books indeed. I look forward to further reading throughout the month.