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Plaza Familia Online Book Club | August Books {week 2}

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Written by Maybelline



Welcome to the second week of the Plaza Familia Online Book Club! During the month of August, we will be reading ‘Living to Tell the Tale’ written by the famous Gabriel Garcia Marquez. As for the children’s book, we read will be reading ‘Estrellita Says Good-bye to her Island’ written by Samuel Caraballo.

‘Living to Tell the Tale’ has opened a new perspective, because even though many years ago I read ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold’, ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ and even ‘No One Writes to the Colonel’, I feel that the memories Garcia Marquez was able to put on paper have given me a more complete view of his work and of course himself.

Places like ‘Macondo’ echo in my mind and make me think of how of his stories were true and what portion of it had that magical realism that characterizes Garcia Marquez’s work.

Perhaps the fact that I’ve always loved Gabriel Garcia Marquez books has something to do with how much I’m enjoying learning about his life, his stubbornness of wanting to be a writer or even about the relationship with his parents.

Let’s move on to ‘Estrellita says Good-Bye to Her Island’. For every immigrant, it’s difficult to open a new chapter and leave behind not only family and friends but also a lifetime of habits, tastes and rhythms. I consider this book a life saver for saving all those children who are going through the process of moving to another country, since it can help them understand that the heart always saves a special place for our country and that the distance does not mean forgetting.

Remember that next week we have another appointment to continue to share about these two wonderful books.

Read you later!


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  • Hans Keller

    I am an immigrant myself, I live in the US but I was born and raised in the UK, reading about his life has inspired me to pursue my dream of being a poetry writer, adversity might come but if we believe in ourselves we can accomplish anything!