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Plaza Familia Online Book Club | August Books {week 1}

Florin Gorgan
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Welcome to another edition of the Plaza Familia Online Book Club!; during the month of August we will be reading the book author that sparked my love for reading when I was in high school, the Colombian Gabriel García Márquez and one of his most recent work ‘Live to Tell the Tale’, while the little one of the house will enjoy ‘Estrellita Says Good-bye to Her Island’ by the Puerto Rican Samuel Caraballlo.

‘Live to Tell the Tale’ is a glimpse into the past of whom is one of the most famous and influential writers of today’s literature and I think it’s the perfect book for those who have followed García Márquez work over the years.

In the first pages of his memoir is impossible not to recognize places that were part of ‘One hundred years of Solitude’ and characters that gave life to many of his novels.

The richness of the narrative is outstanding and although at times the details take on a touch of magic and get mixed with reality, it can be said that is the autobiography of the writer.

Knowing that the author’s first language is Spanish just like mine, made me feel much more inclined to read it in its original version, however I got the copy in English and I must say that although it is much shorter (about 100 pages less) the translation is quite good and does justice to García Márquez’ talent.

The Children’s book we will enjoy with the kids during the month of august is called ‘Estrellita Says Good-bye to Her Island’ and was written by Samuel Caraballo. The book is completely bilingual and dedicated to all immigrants in the world so they never forget the sights of their childhood; is full of nostalgia but also national pride.

‘Estrellita Says Good-bye to Her Island’ is the perfect book to read to children from 3 to 7 years for its melodious writing and colorful illustrations.

Next week we will keep talking about these two books that have captures our attention, so I invite you to click here and familiarize yourself with the Online Book Club and join us.

Read you later!


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  • jenna tomaszewski

    I  LOVE to read, always have. I have fell in love with several authors through the years but haven’t been able to find an author that keeps my interest that still continues to write. I love that this was just that for you. A great way to look back on great books past and to look forward to many more.

    • Naturalmente Mamá

      My favorite book from Gabriel García Marquez is 
      Chronicle of a Death Foretold. From the beginning you know the guy dies but García made it so intriguing that you just keep reading and reading. I remember the first time I read it and It probably took me a little over a day to read it all!