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Online Book Club Plaza Famlia | September Books {week 3}

Written by Jesse



Welcome to the third week of the Plaza Familia Online Reading Club!  I invite you to join the discussion of the books chosen for this month. The book we chose for adults is titled ‘The Truce” and was written by Mario Benedetti, while the children’s book belongs to Janan Cain and is entitled “The Way I Feel.”

I must confess that the first few pages of “The Truce” did not attract much attention, in fact I feel bored by the protagonist and his dull and routine life, however, I continued reading and soon found myself with the difficult task of pausing because the story became interesting all around.

The peculiar thing about this story is that it gets interesting when “Avellaneda” enters the protagonist’s life. He begins to feel attracted to her and discovers emotions similar to that of a teenager.

I’m reading the electronic version of the book and I feel like I will finish the book quickly. It is convent reading on the go, and I find the book very easy to read and even funny at times.

Turning to “The Way I Feel” from Janan Cain, I can tell you that it’s fun and I think Janan did an excellent job illustrating the book so children can recognize their own feelings and body language.

Next week we will conclude the discussion of the books for the month of September. We will also announce the two new upcoming book club books which will keep our hands full and our imagination flying, so do not forget that we have a date!



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