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Online Book Club Plaza Famlia | September Books {week 2}


Welcome to the second week of the Plaza Familia Online Book Club! This month, we are dedicated to reading two books. One is for the adults and one for children. The first book is The Truce, written by Mario Benedetti and the second book is the author Janan Cain and The Way I Feel.

As I told you last week, The Truce is a book written in diary form. Martin, the protagonist, is desperately trying to capture those last days before his retirement. From the first pages, I felt the dissatisfaction with the life he lived.

According to Martin, his sadness is something he has in common with daughter Blanca. It made me feel as though I was in front of a person who never ever had even the willingness to see the glass half full. I actually had some problems with sympathy for the main character, perhaps because he appears as a martyr by having as widower with three children. He had no choice but to move forward, however I must say that this is fine writing and reading it is extremely easy.

Turning to the children’s book, I can tell you that as a mother I think That’s How I Feel is a wonderful tool to teach our children the abstract concept of feelings and emotions. This book helps them learn visually. They can better understand how they feel and how to express themselves.

Continue enjoying these two works of Latin American literature, and do not forget that we have an appointment on Thursday to further discuss our impressions about them.


Creative commons-licensed photo provided by Jo Naylor.


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