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The Letter L

Written by Ruby



Theme Words







Do you have lamps at home? How many can you find? Each time you find one say “Lamps lamps we need them for light we found a lamp oh what a sight”

Using a radio or television, see how many different languages your child can identify. Determine what the language is that they heard.


Lion Mask- Using paper and string, cut out a circular shape that will fit your child’s face. This doesn’t need to be perfect. Round off the bottom in an upward “U” to go over your child’s mouth. Cut out two eye holes. Attach 2 ears and color a nose. Using yellow paper for the lion’s mane. Make it as big and as wavy as you’d like and attach it to the mask. Use a hole puncher and string; this will help keep your mask in place.


Lobster- Trace your child’s hands and 1 foot and cut them out. Using the Foot print (upside down) draw 2 eyes at the top (heel part). Cut 2 long thin strips of paper and attach like arms. Place the hand print cut outs at the ends. Cut out 3 more long strips cutting them in half and placing 3 on each side like the picture above. Lastly add some antennas to your lobster and you’re all done!



Lemon and Limes on different fruits and vegetables

Lasagna – perhaps for dinner instead of snack time



I’m A Lion

(Sung to: “Three Blind Mice”)

I’m a lion, I’m a lion
Hear me roar, hear me roar
I love to sleep out in the sun
And chase other animals just for fun
In all the jungle I’m Number One, I’m a lion


Tigers and Lions

(Sung To: “London Bridge”)

Lions and tigers come out to play, out to play, out to play,
Lions and tigers come out to play, Tigers and lions
Lions stand up and tigers sit down, tigers sit down, tigers sit down,
Lions stand up and tigers sit down Lions and tigers!
Tigers all walk and lions jog, Tigers all walk and lions jog
Tigers all walk and lions jog, Lions and tigers
Lions twist and tigers hop, Lions twist and tigers ho
Lions twist and tigers hop, Lions and tigers



 El León de mi tía
pobrecito no rugía
que es lo que le pasa
que no habla
que no canta

Pobre leoncito
le dolía la garganta

El león de mi tía
canta ya con alegría
como se ha curado
la garganta y la nariz

Ya pasó su gripe
y ahora ruge muy feliz

Books English/Spanish

The Lion Who Saw Himself in the Water/El Leon Que Se Vio En El Agua by Idries Shah and Ingrid Rodriguez

Simon, El Leon / Simon, the Lion by Lucie Papineau




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Ruby es una mamá bloguera en growingupblackxican.com. Ella escribe acerca de criar sus hijos para que estén orgullosos de sus dos culturas y es muy apasionada acerca de la familia, la educación y todo lo que sean manualidades. Ruby vive en Nueva Jersey con su esposo y sus dos hijos.

  • jenna tomaszewski

    Oh how cute! I love the idea of doing everything related to a letter. Props for having it carry throughout the day and throughout the different subjects. Although the meals might have to be a home school type thing as most schools have a set nutrition plan.

  • Marcus

    This sounds like a fun thing to do, especially to teach young kids new objects and letters. I love the cute little lobsters, perhaps you can make them with your child and put them up around the room so they can see the fruition of their labour!

  • Johny

    What fun activity. My daughter is too young for this, but will be great in some years. With my nephews is possible to make these fun activities. Thanks for the tip