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K is for Koala

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Written by Ruby



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Using Rice, fill a flat dish and have kids trace a letter K with their fingers.

Using molding dough, roll out letter K’s Have kids make Capitals and lower case discuss the differences in size.


Create a Koala on a K.

Using circles and strips of the same construction paper have a Koala hang off the side of a letter K.

Koalas are known for hugging trunks and branches of tree.




Foods that can be dipped in Ketchup (chicken strips, fries, hotdogs, ect)


Can you cuddle like a Koala?- John Butler

Why Koala has a stumpy tail- Martha Hamilton

Bambu, El Koala- Almudena Taboada

La Familia Koala- Beatriz Doumerc



Koala Bear

Koala bear, koala bear, Turn around, (Turn around)
Koala bear, koala bear, Touch the ground (Touch the ground)
Koala bear, koala bear, Dance on your toes, (Dance on tip toes)
Koala bear, koala bear, Touch your nose (Touch your nose)
Koala bear, koala bear, Give a little clap, (clap)
Koala bear, koala bear, Take a nap (Put head on hands like sleeping)



Five little koala bears

Five little koala bears in a eucalyptus tree
The first one dais, hey look at me.
The second one said I’m a pretty furry bear.
The third one said, I don’t have a care.
The fourth one said, Australia is my home.
The fifth one said, I will never roam.
Five little koala bear in a eucalyptus tree
Climbing and playing and happy to be free!






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Ruby es una mamá bloguera en growingupblackxican.com. Ella escribe acerca de criar sus hijos para que estén orgullosos de sus dos culturas y es muy apasionada acerca de la familia, la educación y todo lo que sean manualidades. Ruby vive en Nueva Jersey con su esposo y sus dos hijos.

  • Cristabella

    These are really good ideas to excercice letters with my child, I really like the Koala activity I guess we´ll be doing that one and my child loves dipping food into ketchup.  I think is very important to use every oportunity to teach them, even if is just snack time or anything, theres always time to learn.