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H is for Hello!

letter H_hamburger
Written by Ruby




We are happy you have joined us again this week to share with the letter H! What a better way of welcoming you to our alphabet activities than saying a big ¡hola! to you all. Also, you probably know the Hippopatamus is our favorite animal and it starts with the Letter H. Come check what we made this week!

What are some of your favorite H words? Maybe we can help you find some new ones.


Theme words

Hippopotamus          Hipopótamo

Hello                              Hola

Hamburger                 Hamburguesa

Helicopter                  Helicóptero




Build a Hamburger


Using circles and different color papers to best resemble a burger cut out your child’s favorite toppings and have them build a paper hamburger.


Make a H picture book


Print out pictures of things that begin with the letter H.


Cut a regular size piece of paper in half and then fold the halves in half creating a booklet. Adhere your pictures to each page and label them. Have your child try to identify each picture talk about the letter H sounds when pronouncing the words.


Practice the letter H

Have your child use their favorite color to trace letter H over and over. The letter H in capital and lowercase.



Hungry Hippo

Using 2 sheets of regular sized paper trace a hippo head it looks much like a number eight without the holes in the center draw some ears and cut them out the same.

Adhere the top portion of the head and fold the mouth you will need this flap open as the mouth. Ad details like eyes and a nose and a tongue. Using marshmallows have your child count how many teeth fit inside the hippo’s mouth!


Happy Hippo Angry Duck by Sandra Boynton

Hattie Hippo by Christine Loomis

El Senor H by Daniel Nesquens

¿Los Hipopotamos viven en casas? By Florencia Del Campo




Hippo Song

Hippo positions hut!

What can make a hippopotamus smile?

What can make him run for more than a mile?

It’s not a party with a paper hat

Or a bag of candy that will make him fat

That’s not what hippos do

I said that’s not what hippos do!



They ooze through the goose without any shoes

They wade through the water ‘till their lips turn blue

That’s what hippos do

I said that’s what hippos do!


What can make a hippopotamus smile?

What can make him run for more than a mile?

It’s not a tune on the old violin

Or listening to the sound of the whistling wind

That’s not what hippos do

I said that’s not what hippos do!



Hola Don Pepito


Hola Don Pepito,


Hola Don Jose,


¿Pasó usted por mi casa?


Por su casa yo pasé.


¿Vió usted a mi abuela?


A su abuela yo la ví.


Adiós Don Pepito,


Adiós Don José.





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Ruby es una mamá bloguera en growingupblackxican.com. Ella escribe acerca de criar sus hijos para que estén orgullosos de sus dos culturas y es muy apasionada acerca de la familia, la educación y todo lo que sean manualidades. Ruby vive en Nueva Jersey con su esposo y sus dos hijos.

  • Brenda

    I really love the picture book, I bet we´ll have lots of fun with my daughter who happens to love making picture books, I´m already looking up for all the things we´ll need so we can do it tomorrow afternoon. 

    • http://www.growingupblackxican.com/ RubyDW

      We loved making the burger and the Picture book glad you are enjoying the activities!