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5 Reasons Why Preschool is Important

Steve & Jemma Copley
Written by Monica

It’s that time of year, again, when parents with three and four year olds must start thinking about whether or not to enroll their child in preschool. Unfortunately, a study by the University of California at Berkley found that the number of Latino parents enrolling their children between 2005 and 2009 had declined. A more recent study has not come out yet (not that we’re aware of anyway), but we’re hopeful that this number has reversed and more parents are using preschool to help their children succeed academically.

If you are having trouble deciding whether or not to place your child in preschool this fall, maybe these facts will help you out…

Preschool Prepares Your Child for Kindergarten
Many Latino children are starting Kindergarten already behind and some never catch up. The goal of preschool is to develop skills your child will need in school. Math, literacy, and fine motor skills are just some of the ones that preschool focuses on. Emotional and social development are also important so that children may learn to express themselves in a positive and constructive manner.

Preschool Boosts IQ Levels
Children who attend preschool tend to have better self-esteem, which leads to less behavior problems and improved IQ levels. A good preschool can help children learn to feel good about their accomplishments and can also give them the courage to experiement and try more things, allowing them to further strengthen their self-image.

Preschool Reduces Crime, Alcoholism, and Addiction
According to one study that followed more than 1500 children that lived in low-income neighborhoods in Chicago, children who attended preschool were less likely to repeat a grade level, smoke, drop out, experience teen pregnancy, or end up in jail for criminal acts.

Preschool Teaches Age-Appropriate Lessons
Number and letter recognition, the names of shapes and colors, as well as basic science concepts like the senses and weather are all covered in preschool. Mastering these areas help children establish a firm foundation for math and reading success.

Preschool Helps Parents
For parents who are uncomfortable or unable to teach their children all these basic concepts at home, a good preschool can be a powerful tool to help your child succeed and get a head start on academic performance. Most preschools are careful to engage and inform the parents, realizing the important role that parents play in their children’s development.


Creative commons-licensed photo provided by Steve & Jemma Copley.



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Monica es la fundadora y publisher de, un sitio para familias latinas que hacen educación en casa y también familias con niños en escuelas tradicionales que quieren un rol activo en la educación de sus hijos. Ganadora del premio "Mejor Bloguera Latina de Educación 2011" de LATISM.

  • jenna tomaszewski

    What drew me to this article is the title being a preschool teacher myself. I wish more people would believe the benefits of attendance of  preschool, it’s not all play. I believe this would be beneficial for all minorities as well. Anything that can reduce drug and alcohol use and unwanted pregnancy’s can be beneficial.

    • Monica

       Absolutely! What we learn when we are young has such a significant impact on our adult lives. Thank you for all the work you do with our children.

  • LuAnn Braley

    One of the best decisions we ever made was to enroll our boys (then 3 and 4) in Head Start.  They learned to LOVE learning before it became a big competition, and that’s a big reason they have done well in elementary and now jr. high, and soon *gulp* high school.

    • Monica

       And that’s the key, isn’t it, LuAnn? To teach them to love learning. So happy for your boys! You made a smart decision!

  • Lorena Mack

    As a latino mother I believe that cultural influence has a lot to do with the fact that not many parents are enrolling their kids in preschool, specially if they do not live in the US, there are tons of preconceptions about “sending the kids to early” to school, mostly they have to do with “they HAVE TO stay with the mother”. Thanks for writing this information, it is pure gold!

  • Kristie

    I would have to agree i mean i am scared to let my daughter go but i think that it will help her to feel good about learning and make her want to learn new things she is very smart and shes just turning 2 so i know that she will do good.