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3 Web Apps to Improve Student Productivity

Written by Jesse


Students all over are getting ready to go back to school. Going to school is a full time job that can become quite stressful for any student. Each day is filled with classwork, homework and tests along with all the social and extracurricular activities of the average middle school or high school student. Below, you will find three online applications that can prove useful for a student who has a full schedule of tasks, assignments, and responsibilities each day.



Using Gradefix is like having a secretary to keep track of your homework schedule and workload. A student enters what he or she needs to do for homework and also how much available time he or she has. The application will produce a personalized schedule for the student based on this information. If procrastination wins out now and then, Grade fix will even automatically adjust the schedule and recommend ways to get back on track.



Using Neptune is a convenient way to keep track of your every-day tasks. This service can be particularly useful for a student. You can email tasks to Neptune from any computer and you can receive daily emails with reminders and to-do tasks. Within Neptune, users create projects. These could be specific school projects such as a book report or school subjects such as math or science. Inside these projects, users create reminders to keep them on track and on schedule. After a free trial period, there is a $10 fee for a premium account.


Google calendar:

Sometimes, you just need a calendar. Google’s services are top notch, and Google calendar is no exception. A student can create his or her own personal calendar which can be accessed anywhere. Parents (or anyone else) can also be given access so everyone is able to stay informed and updated. A student can have the calendar use different icons for different types of events. You might use a book, for example, to represent when a book report is due or a pencil for when there is a test. Also, reminders of events can be sent out to an email address or a cell phone by text message.


Links to the websites for these three applications are below:



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Jesse has taught in various elementary and high school settings. He writes for Plaza Famila and also designs educational online resources. Jesse is a musician and is passionate about providing instruction in a way that sparks student interest.

  • Kristie

    I really like this it is a very good idea and the kids will be able to see what they have to do and when they have to do it I wish i would have known about this when i was in school i would of made it so much easier to keep track of all my homework. I will have to try this with my kids and see if they like it and if it helps thank you.

  • Jeremy

    What great resources. I am a college student and would benefit from these apps. I also have grade school children who could soon benefit from them. I wish I had resources like this when I was younger… :)

  • Jesse

    Yea…. the technology kids have access to today is amazing!